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Kanban Boards

Simple, visual, and agile cloud based project management software.


Easily collaborate with team members in the cloud without the hassle of installing software.


Stay focused by filtering your Kanban Board by Team Members and Tags.


Break a complex task down into multiple steps with Checklists.


Visually categorize your tasks by assigning colored Tags.


Easily create project templates for those repetitive projects saving you time.

Time Tracking

By combining timesheets with online project management your team can now easily track their time spent on all projects across your organization.

Weekly Timesheets

Each team member can quickly update their weekly timesheet making sure billable hours are not lost.

Common Tasks

Track time spent on common tasks such as meetings without cluttering your Kanban boards with repetitive tasks.

Time Tracking

Team members can quickly track time spent on each task by starting a Task Timer. See in real-time what other team members are working on.

Track Billable Work

Start tracking billable work by easily assigning a client to any task.


Easily generate invoices for your clients based on timesheet entries across all of your projects.


Associate projects and tasks with individual clients to simplify tracking all billable work.

Timesheet Integration

Team members can easily track time spent across all projects and tasks with our integrated timesheet management system. Quickly generate new invoices for your clients based on tracked timesheet entries.


Define services to manage your billing rates and taxable services. Easily add discounts for clients as well as customize hourly rates by team member.


Include all incurred expenses with each invoice including the ability to define multiple expense categories.


Keep the discussion in one place by collaborating with Team Members on each Project or Task. Get their attention with a quick @mention or :emoji.

Direct Messaging

Take the conversation private by sending direct 1-on-1 messages to other team members.


Generate reports by grouping and filtering tasks and timesheet entries by project, milestones, team members, and assigned tags.

Tasks Report

You can customize the Tasks Report to include every task detail for those internal audits or to generate a report that provides a simple progress summary of all projects in your organization.

Timesheets Report

Quickly analyze where your team spends most of their time by creating a custom Timesheets Report grouped by assigned tags and team members.

Access Control

Control access to projects and invite external team members as guests to your organization.

Private Projects

Secure access to individual projects by making them private and only accessible by project members.

Guest Members

Invite external team members as guests with access only to the projects they are assigned to.

Audit Trail

Easily view all team member changes by project or task.


We take your tasks and generate a Project Timeline for you. No more fussing with manually updating Gantt Charts.

Resource Allocation

When needed you can adjust a Team Members resource allocation to improve the estimations of the Project Timeline.


Estimate the duration, set due dates, and assign Team Members to each task.


Quickly add new tasks to a Project Backlog and work with your team to schedule new tasks across new or existing Milestones.


Plan ahead by scheduling tasks across Project Milestones allowing your team to remain focused on what matters.

Your project Kanban Board will only show the tasks under the selected milestone allowing you and your team to easily manage hundreds of tasks.

File Sharing

Easily share links and files with Team Members.

File Sharing Integrations

Share files from Google Drive™, Dropbox™, and OneDrive™.

Draw.io Integration

Create and share diagrams, workflows, and mockups with draw.io integration.

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